A brief History...

Shirley Community Trust (SCT) was established in 1999 as the community arm of St Stephen’s Anglican Church and grew out of the ‘Friday Night Meal’ that was being run by the church for community. The Trust has a grass-roots community development approach to all its initiatives and events and is proud to work alongside local people to enable a real community spirit to prevail in the Shirley area.


SCT operates the majority of its projects and programmes from its two centres located on Acheson Avenue, Shirley, Christchurch. The MacFarlane Park Centre (MPC) at 19A Acheson Ave, and the MacFarlane Park Neighbourhood Centre (MPNC) at 17 Acheson Ave, are located next to the KidsFirst Kindergarten and border the expansive MacFarlane Park.


SCT now runs over 25 projects, most being weekly, some fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, and a few annually. We utilise the park as much as possible for: outdoor events, festivals, in summer weekly Social Touch Rugby and in winter Social Basketball on the park basketball court.

The diversity of projects reflect the diversity of the Shirley community. Projects target different age groups, culture, interests and needs.

Community Engagement

The projects offer community engagement, life and vocational skills training programmes that are coordinated by SCT staff and often facilitated by local volunteers with a particular interest and knowledge they offer to these groups. Some projects have run for many years, like the ‘MacFarlanes on the Park’ café, while others are ‘organic’ forming for a season, then closing down, and new projects evolving.
SCT has been careful to allow the community to take ownership of community-requested projects, so projects only start/finish based on community interest and demand for the projects.

Special Events

One-off events run throughout the year. These include: a Summer Holiday Programme, a Light Party and a community festival called SHINE. These events always attract new people who start connecting with their neighbours in the safe and non-threatening environment provided.

Smaller events also run throughout the year. These include: Community BBQ’s / Special Holiday Activities / Christmas Events, etc.

Our Team

Sharyn Burnett

Community Worker 022 621 8269 sharyn@shirleycommunitytrust.org.nz

Colin Renouf

Community Development Worker 027 639 1331 colin@shirleycommunitytrust.org.nz

Carol Renouf

Community Nurse 027 282 0693 carol@shirleycommunitytrust.org.nz

Aimee Biddington

Youth Development Worker 027 568 0833 aimee@shirleycommunitytrust.org.nz

Ann Powley

Finance Manager 03 981 5521 ann@shirleycommunitytrust.org.nz

Jane Mitchell

Trust Manager 021 460 097 jane@shirleycommunitytrust.org.nz

Who We Work With

North West Collective

Comprised of nine Christchurch community organisations that provide services and programmes to their communities.

Belfast Community Network; Bishopdale Community Trust; Community Focus Trust; Neighbourhood Trust; Northgate Community Services Trust; Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust; Papanui Youth Development Trust; Shirley Community Trust; Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi

We are committed to working together to better coordinate services, resource our respective communities and to support each other.


Kia Kori Waitaha

A collaboration between Canterbury sporting organisations and the Northwest Collective focused on bringing play to the children of North-West Christchurch; addressing the issue of the lack of physical activity among young people and the gap in opportunities to engage in non-formal sport.

Led by participation activators, this initiative delivers play opportunities in schools, holiday programmes, at events and various community groups programmes, specifically targeting those that typically miss out on these opportunities, whether that be from family circumstances, financial barriers or awareness of how to be active. The programme includes a range of activities such as modified/structured games, relays, free play and activities such as tug-of-war and swing ball.

The goal is to provide something fun for everyone. Connections with a variety of sporting bodies can also support these children to engage with sporting clubs and organisations in their local area should they express a desire to.